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Artisti continues to find sustainable solutions and has partnered with Norsk Tekstilgjenvinning.

Norsk Tekstilgjenvinning 2
Norsk Tekstilgjenvinning 2

Collection of old or broken textiles that can’t be used again. 

In a world where less than 2 % of textiles are recycled we are up against a big challenge when it comes to sustainability in the textile industry. At Artisti AS we take this challenge seriously, and through our new partnership with Norsk tekstilgjenvinning (NTG) we take concrete steps toward more sustainable textile production.  

Let something old become new!

Artisti are establishing a service for collecting old or broken textiles that no longer can be used, where we offer  to set up collection boxes on our customers’ locations.

When the boxes are full, we take care of pickup and delivery to NTG for recycling. NTG goes through the textiles through a careful and thorough process. They are weighed in and registered before buttons, zippers and tags are removed.  The textiles are then sorted by quality and colour. The textiles are recycled in Norway without use of chemicals or water, and becomes fiber and/or thread that is used for production of new textiles. By using recycled textiles instead of freshly produced textile we spare the environment of both CO2e emissions and water consumption. In return we get a yearly report from NTG that shows a summery of how much textile we have collected and how much CO2e emissions we have saved the environment from by the collection and reuse of the textiles.

We can offer production of new textiles from the fibers that are produced through the recycling.

The textile industry and climate challenges. 

There is no doubt that the textile industry has a negative effect on the environment. It stands for up to 10 % of the worlds greenhouse gas emmisons, and with a demand on separate sorting of textile waste which comes into force from 2025 it is even more important to take responsibility for textiles that can be recycled.

We in Artisti AS are proud to be part of this sustainable investment. We encourage you to join us on our journey for a greener future by supporting our partnership with Norsk Tekstilgjenvinning. Together we can make a difference and set the standard for a more responsible textile industry.

If you want to know more and get a collection box for textiles placed at your location – contact us!


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