Sustainability and social responsibility

On board for a greener future

Artisti has to be an operator that our clients and partners can rely on. We have to be at the cutting edge of our industry on ethical trade and environment at home in Norway. We also have to be a driving force for our supply chain to ensure that our subcontractors are aware of and work actively to achieve more sustainable and responsible practices.

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Artisti er tildelt Platinum-status av EcoVadis 1

We score highly on our sustainability work

PLATINUM status from EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Since its foundation in 2007, EcoVadis has created a global network of more than 120,000+ rated companies in more than 175 countries.

EcoVadis uses assessment methods built on international sustainability standards, including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN’s Global Compact and ISO 26000, which cover more than 200 consumption categories.

The sustainability scorecard illustrates performance across 21 indicators in four categories:
▶ Environment
▶ Labour and human rights
▶ Ethics
▶ Sustainable procurement

Artisti has been rated in the top 1% of more than 120 000+ companies in the world. We are incredibly proud of this, but our work is not done.
You will find information about everything we do and stand for, as well as the basis for our rating, in our Sustainability Report.

Find out more about EcoVadis at

Sustainable Business Practice

In our business strategy, one of the main priorities is a more sustainable development. This requires commitments in our work towards a more sustainable business practice.
This creates a need for expertise and measures. Through our role and our responsibility as advisers to our customers, we must both understand and contribute expertise to integrate sustainability as part of how we and our customers operate.

We say that "we must think about sustainability in everything we do and everything we stand for".
Our customers must be confident that the products and services we deliver are in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, that we take our, and our customers', social responsibility into account through close dialogue, control and follow-up with our suppliers and manufacturers.

As an ISO certified company in the field of quality and environment, we have good management systems for control and safety in our supply chain and our projects.

12 of 17 Sustainability Development Goals

Through our ISO 9001 certification – Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems, we cover many of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. Find out more about this in our Sustainability Report 2022.

Artisti Profil AS – Annual and Sustainability Report 2022
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Reporting and transparency

The Norwegian Transparency Act

Artisti is subject to the Norwegian Transparency Act.

The Norwegian Transparency Act is human rights legislation for the business community. It sets out stricter requirements for transparency and accountability. This is designed to help prevent human rights violations and poor working conditions in the businesses themselves and among their business associates as well as further down the supply chain.

Artisti reports on our internal processes and accountability throughout the value chain in our own Sustainability Report and in our reporting to Ethical Trade Norway.

Report to Ethical Trade Norway 2022

Environmentally certified products

Artisti offers a wide spectrum of environmentally certified products from our manufacturers and wholesalers. Our clients can always feel safe in the knowledge that if we sell a product carrying an environmental standard, we will always be able to document the origin of the product. Some of the standards we offer: ▶ Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) ▶ Responsible Down Standard (RDS) ▶ GOTS ▶ Oeko-Tex 100 ▶ Organic Cotton Standard ▶ Global Recycled Standard

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Environmentally friendly packaging

Packaging is not just important in order to protect a product or underpin a message. Packaging is an important part of a holistic approach to sustainability and environmental impact.

We reduce the use of plastic in product packaging as far as possible. Excellent alternative packaging solutions are available today which make it possible to replace plastic. FSC-certified cardboard and paper are very popular, for example. All packaging is labelled according to the standard it meets.

We are continuing this trends towards excellent alternatives to plastic packaging. We also encourage our suppliers to reduce their use of the plastic materials used during transport.

Examples of environmentally friendly packaging

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Environmental initiatives for our clients

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