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We are a turnkey supplier of third-party logistics for online stores and businesses. We offer services throughout the value chain such as packaging, customer service, system support, warehousing, dispatch and handling of returns. For us, no project is too small or too large, too simple or too complicated. We offer customised solutions with low start-up costs and short lead times.

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Packaging and distribution

We manage everything from simple jobs to complex and demanding projects, and we adapt our services to your needs and required service levels. From your online store, orders are passed seamlessly to our system – no file exchange is required. You also have the option of retaining full access to the system as well as a comprehensive overview of your customers.

We provide you with access to excellent volume contracts on packaging and distribution, but you yourself choose whether you want to take advantage of our offer or use your own agreements.

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Customer service

We provide professional customer service on all weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm as an integrated part of our logistics offering. Our customer service is available in all applicable channels such as social media, chat, e-mail and telephone. We also offer FAQs and self-service solutions. We operate a professional case management system which ensures your customers fast and quality-assured service.

Our dedicated service staff have long-standing experience and take excellent care of their customers.

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We are able to offer extensive warehousing as well as customised and flexible logistics solutions. We handle all warehousing services such as receipt of goods, handling of returns, checking of goods, records, stock-taking etc. Our web solution provides you with an overview of your goods as well as the option of putting together orders and purchasing stock. We are able to automate reporting to include relevant statistics or alert you when agreed minimum stock levels have been reached.

Mediehuset Andvord

In our partnership with Mediehuset Andvord, we offer all services related to packaging, distribution, customer service and warehousing.

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