Artisti has recently traveled to China to inspect seven factories.

Factory inspections in China


During the audits/inspections we focused on several important areas, such as:
Employment conditions, working conditions, discrimination, the production line, safety, environment and human rights. Our purchasing manager Meigen from Taiwan speaks both Norwegian and English, but also Chinese (mandarin) fluently, which made it possible for us to have direct dialogue with the workes at det factories.

This is a huge advantage for us during factory visits where she gets to communicate with the workers to check their working conditions.

This year we also brought one of our customers. This gave the customer the opportunity to see how we, through these inspections, secure the products Artisti are delivering directly from factory is not only of high quality, but also produced under responsible conditions.

Factory inspections are an important part of our commitment to a sustainable and fair trade.

Fabrikkbesøk i Kina